How to create the best online experience for your customers
With more customers than ever browsing and shopping for their favorite products online, now is the time to make those tweaks to your online shop and social platforms, to help drive sales and to allow you to hit the ground running.
Make It Fool Proof
Ensuring it is easy to navigate around your page is vital for an enjoyable user experience. An easy to use search function is also important as it allows customers to find products they are wanting to purchase quickly, rather than scroll the site.
Strong Imagery Is Essential
Make sure your imagery is up to date and if you can provide more than one image, even better - a produc and a lifestyle shot allows the customer to visual the product in their own spave. Make sure those images are hi res (not-distorted) - there is nothing worse!

We have plenty of imagery if you requre, this can be found here:
ECOYA Imagery
Make It Mobile
A lot of customers will be coming from social channels and / or they're viewing from mobile. So don't forget to look at how our website appears on your mobile to ensure it's functional.
If you do have any further questions, please get in touch with us. Contact us here.